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Our best selling tie to date.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers some of the best skinny ties money can buy. Each DAZI tie is handmade from high quality imported fabrics.


  • Approx. 2.5" wide at the tip

  • Approx. 58" in length

  • 100% Cotton

Don't forget a matching pocket square! Shop our White Floral Pocket Square.

Customer Reviews

Based on 279 reviews
Cody R.
Perfect Wedding Tie

I wore this tie for my wedding and got no less than 15 unprompted compliments from guests. Not for the $1000 suit I was wearing but for my tie! “Wow I love that tie!”. I was very happy with the quality and it completed the exact wedding look I was going for. I don’t have cause to wear ties often but I’m tempted to buy a few more ties from you all since it was such a wonderful experience.


Seriously, I love these floral ties!! My father may criticize me for not wearing thicker ties, or having his stigma against floral ties, but every man develops his own tie theme at some point in their life. These ties are my ties. I love wearing them, I love thew way they look, their textures, and the number of compliments I get on them! I feel like Ive found a treasure in the field. Please sponsor me to be a model for you guys!!!

Carlos Garcia
The Perfect Tie exists

I’m a Wedding DJ that enjoys using floral, thin, or skinny ties with a a tie bar. This tie looked great with my suits and was thin enough for my tie bar. I will be buying more in the future

Highly recommend

This product is exactly what I wanted (and couldn’t find in any store)! Great quality and I got MULTIPLE compliments when I wore it for the first time.

Taylor Balletto
Was a wedding hit!

First time with one of these Dazi Floral ties. Wore one with my suit to my sisters wedding and it was a hit and drew many positive comments. Pictures came out great with it too! Highly recommend!