About Us

Nate Ipsen Founder CEO DAZI

In January 2015, after struggling to find great ties at low prices, Nate Ipsen had a dream to design & sell skinny neckties at competitive prices. Simply Skinny Ties was born providing customers with a line of unique ties of unbeatable quality.

As the business grew, Nate (with the help of a few creative geniuses) decided it would be best to change the name of the company. He didn't want to simply sell a product with a name on it. He had a strong desire to create a brand that people could be a part of, because our customers are what make our products so great.

Months of brainstorming finally led to a name that we fell in love with. We wanted a name with meaning behind it. We came across the word DASI which is Indonesian for "necktie". We decided to switch the S to a Z to make it our own. DAZI [daw-zee]. As we continue to grow, we will always be reminded of our roots where it all began - neckties. We have a strong desire to continue creating products that are as unique as the people who buy and wear them. 

With your help and support we can continue to expand our inventory and bring exceptional designs and products to the table. If you love our stuff, please help spread the word among friends and family! We are open to creative ideas regarding design, photography, advertising, and business collaborations. If you're interested, please send us an email: Make sure to keep an eye out for contests and promotions on our Instagram @daziusa.

Thank you!